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Bids & RFPs

School Crossing Guard Services

Posted: Apr 17, 2019

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the CITY OF TRACY (hereinafter & "CITY") requests proposals for School Crossing Guard Services,

and will receive proposals at the Tracy Police Department, 1000 Civic Center Drive, Tracy, California 95376, (Attn:

Beth Lyons, Support Operations Manager), up to the hour of 5:00 p.m., on the 1 ST day of May, 2019.

2. The services to be performed by the successful proposer are described in the
Request for Proposals (which is attached). Additional copies of the Request for
Proposals are available from and any questions should be directed to Manager Beth
Lyons at the Tracy Police Department.
3. Proposals shall be submitted and clearly marked as follows: “SEALED PROPOSAL
4. All responsive proposals shall be reviewed and evaluated by the CITY in order to
determine which proposer best meets the CITY’s needs. The criteria by which the
CITY shall evaluate proposals are set forth in the Request for Proposals.
5. The CITY reserves the right to reject any and all proposals or waive any irregularities
in any proposal or the proposal process.
___________Beth Lyons-McCarthy_________4/16/19________
BETH LYONS-MCCARTHY                               DATE
1. DELIVERY OF PROPOSALS. It is the proposer’s responsibility alone to ensure
their bid is received by the TRACY POLICE DEPARTMENT (Attn: Manager Beth
Lyons) prior to the hour and date specified in the Notice of Request for Proposals.
Any proposals received by the TRACY POLICE DEPARTMENT after that hour and
date shall be returned unopened.
2. FORMAT OF PROPOSALS. All proposals shall be typewritten or printed in ink
clearly and legibly, in conformance with the Request for Proposals and submitted in
a sealed envelope plainly marked on the outside: “SEALED PROPOSAL FOR
3. CONTENTS OF PROPOSAL. The CONSULTANT shall include in its proposal, at a
minimum, information presented in a clear and concise format, demonstrating the
CONSULTANT's competence and professional qualifications for the satisfactory
performance of the services outlined in the “Scope of Services” (Section 6) of this
Request For Proposals and cost of proposed services.
4. AWARD OF CONTRACT. Proposals will be evaluated by Department staff and
award will be recommended to the City Council. If the CITY determines, after further
evaluation and negotiation, to award the Agreement, a Professional Services
Agreement shall be sent to the successful proposer for the proposer’s signature. No
proposal shall be binding upon the CITY until after the Agreement is signed by the
duly authorized representatives of both the CITY and proposer. The CITY reserves
the right not to award a contract, to reject any and all proposals, to negotiate with
prospective proposers and to waive informalities and irregularities in proposals
The City of Tracy Pedestrian School Crossing Guard program, managed through the
Police Department, currently requires twenty-seven (27) crossing guards deployed
at twenty-seven (27) different locations within the City of Tracy limits. Each of these
positions routinely requires staffing 1.5 hours during the morning and 1.5 hours
during the afternoon. The exact hours and days per week are established through
the individual school site calendars, which are available through the Tracy Unified
School District and the Jefferson School District.
5.1 Crossing Guard Personnel: Personnel provided by the CONSULTANT to
function in the Crossing Guard capacity shall be of an adult age and trained by
the laws and codes of the State of California and the City of Tracy pertaining to
general pedestrian safety and school crossing areas. CONSULTANT shall
provide all Crossing Guards with apparel by which they are readily visible and
easily recognized as Crossing Guards. CONSULTANT shall further maintain
adequate reserve personnel to be able to furnish alternate guards in the even
that any person fails to report to work at the assigned time and location.
5.2 Service Hours and Frequency: Services shall be provided by the
CONSULTANT at the designated locations and hours on all days on which the
designated schools in the City of Tracy are in session. CITY shall have the
right to determine the hours and locations when and where crossing guard
services shall be furnished by CONSULTANT. CITY further has the authority to
add to, delete from, or revise the work schedule/locations at any time.
5.3 Supervising, Training and Scheduling: CONSULTANT shall train, schedule,
provide, and supervise personnel in accordance with the professional services
contract and the rules and regulations of the City of Tracy. CONSULTANT shall
provide supervisor personnel to insure that crossing guard activities are taking
place at the required places and times.
6.1: General. Upon award and execution of the contract by CITY, Tracy Police
Department will contact CONSULTANT and schedule work through July 1,
2019 intermittently beginning July 1, throughout the end of the contract
period, June 30, 2022. CONSULTANT should include in proposal any
compensation increases expected within the 3 year contract term.
6.2: Invoices. CONSULTANT shall submit monthly invoices to CITY. Within
thirty (30) days after CITY’s receipt of invoice, CITY shall make payment to
the CONSULTANT based upon services described on the invoice and
approved by the CITY.
Contact Person
Manager Beth Lyons
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