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SAFE Home Project (Smoke Detectors)

Tracy Fire S.A.F.E. Home Project (Smoke Alarm For Every HOME)

Smoke Detectors Save Lives!Goal

Our purpose is to promote fire safety in our community by ensuring that all residences have operational smoke detectors, and by promoting the development and rehearsal of home escape plans.


  • Visit every household within the City of Tracy to check that smoke detectors are present and operational.
  • Provide fire safety information and literature.
  • Install detector and batteries when necessary.
  • Emphasize to the community the importance of fire safety and the rehearsal of home escape plans.

Smoke Detector Facts

Why Have a Smoke Detector?

When a smoke Detector is properly installed and maintained, the smoke Detector is one of the best and least expensive ways to provide early warning when a fire begins. It is like having your own personal firefighter on duty 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

How Does a Smoke Detector Work?

Smoke Detectors work by sensing the rising smoke from a fire and sounding a piercing Detector. The power source for a smoke Detector can either be by battery or hardwired to your house.

What Kind of Smoke Detector Should I Buy?

Buy only smoke Detectors that carry the label of an independent testing laboratory (ex. UL). Some detect smoke using a “photoelectric” detection system, others use an “ionization” sensor. Regardless of the type, if it is properly installed and maintained it will provide adequate protection.

How Many Do I Need?

There should be at least one smoke Detector on every level of the house. Ideally, you would want one in every room that could be considered a living space.

Tracy Fire Recommends

Monthly Check-Up

Test your smoke Detectors once a month, following the manufacturers instruct-ions, and replace any battery that is too weak to sound the Detector.

Heed the Warning

Most battery powered Detectors “chirp” when they need replacing. When you hear the warning, replace the batteries; don’t just disconnect them.

Time for a Change

Replace your smoke Detector’s batteries every year. Tracy Fire suggests the first Sunday in November – the day you roll the clocks back for Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time each fall. “Change your clocks, change your batteries”.

Don’t Borrow Trouble

Too often people disable smoke Detectors by removing their batteries for other uses. Never “borrow” batteries from a smoke Detector.

Replace It

Tracy Fire suggests you change your smoke Detector every 8 to 10 years.


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