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Bids & RFPs

New Jerusalem Airport Farming Lease

Posted: May 1, 2017

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the CITY OF TRACY (hereinafter "CITY") requests proposals for New Jerusalem Airport Farming Lease (hereinafter “Lease”), and will receive proposals in the office of the City Clerk’s Office, 333 Civic Center Plaza, Tracy, CA, up to the hour of 5:00 p.m., on the 22nd day of May, 2017. If hand delivered, proposals should be submitted to the front desk of the City Clerk’s Office.
2.   The services to be performed by the successful Proposer are described in the Request For Proposals. Copies of the Request for Proposals are available from (and any questions should be directed to) the CITY to Ed Lovell, Management Analyst II, 50 East 6th Street, Tracy, CA 95376, Email ed.lovell@cityoftracy.org. The general scope of services includes the lease of approximately 320 acres of land for farming purposes at the New Jerusalem Airport located at 505 East Durham Ferry Road, Tracy, CA.
3.   There will be an optional pre-proposal meeting held at the New Jerusalem Airport property on May 9th, 2017 at 11:00am. Anyone who wishes to submit a proposal for this property is encouraged to be in attendance.
4.   Proposals shall be submitted and clearly marked on the outside of the envelope as follows: “New Jerusalem Airport Farming Lease Proposal”. Faxed or emailed copies by the deadline will be accepted. Electronic copies are preferred.
5.   All responsive proposals shall be reviewed and evaluated by the CITY in order to determine which Proposer best meets the CITY’s needs for this Project by demonstrating the competence and professional qualifications necessary for the satisfactory performance of the required services. The criteria by which the CITY shall evaluate proposals are set forth in the Request For Proposals.
6.   The CITY reserves the right to reject any and all proposals or waive any irregularities in any proposal or the proposal process.
_____________________________________________________             __________
André Pichly, Director, Parks & Recreation Department                             Date
1.    DELIVERY OF PROPOSALSIt is the Proposer's responsibility alone to ensure that the proposal is received by the City Clerk’s Office prior to the hour and date for the delivery of proposals specified in the Notice of Request For Proposals. Any proposals received by the City Clerk’s Office after that hour and date shall be returned unopened.
2.    FORMAT OF PROPOSALS. Respondents to this RFP must submit one (1) electronic copy of the complete proposal in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. Submission should include all supplemental hardcopy material such as brochures or business documents. If mailing or hand delivering the proposal, all materials should be submitted on a USB flash drive. All proposals in conformance with the Request For Proposals and indicating: “New Jerusalem Airport Farming Lease”. A hardcopy of the proposal may also be submitted in addition to the electronic copy.
3.    QUALITY OF PROPOSALUnnecessarily elaborate or glossy proposals are neither expected nor desired. The emphasis of the proposal should be on responding to the requirements set forth in this Request For Proposals.
4.    CONTENTS OF PROPOSALThe Proposer shall include in its proposal, at a minimum, the following information presented in a clear and concise format, in order to demonstrate the Proposer's competence and professional qualifica­tions for the satisfactory performance of the services outlined in the “Scope of Services” section of this Request For Proposals.
4.1.    Organizational Information – Provide the following for your organization:
                  a. Organization name, address, telephone number and e-mail address;
                  b. Name and telephone number of contact person.
Sub-Contractors (if applicable) – Provide the following for each Sub-Contractor:
                  a. Organization name, address, telephone number and e-mail address;
                  b. Contemplated role of the firm in the project;
                  c. License number, if applicable.
4.3.    Proposed Farming Use – Describe your proposed farming use of the property, including the type of crop or crops you wish to plant. Please refer to the Exhibits A – C for property layout and restrictions.
4.4.    Proposed Lease Payment – State the proposed lease payment taking into account the maintenance of the well and the requested reconfiguration of the access roads on the property. At a minimum, a lease payment must be made annually.
4.5     Proposed Term – State the desired term of the agreement, with a minimum of five years. The CITY is open to negotiate longer term agreements.
4.6.    Signature – Proposal shall be signed by an authorized corporate officer whose signature is binding upon the firm.
4.7.    Valid Period – Include a statement that proposal will remain valid for 90 days from the date proposals are due.
4.8.    Conflict of Interest – Proposal must include a statement that the proposer has no conflicts of interest in connection with entering into a Lease.
5.    INTERPRETATIONS OF THE REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS. If the Proposer is in doubt as to the meaning of any part of the Request For Proposals, or finds discrepancies in or omissions from the Request For Proposals, the Proposer can contact, via mail, or email: Ed Lovell, Management Analyst II, 50 East 6th Street, Tracy, CA 95376, Email ed.lovell@ci.tracy.ca.us. No questions will be answered by phone. Please do not call. No interpretations of any provision in the Request For Proposals shall be binding upon the CITY.
6.    REVIEW OF PROPOSALS. After the proposals are received and opened by the CITY, the CITY shall review and evaluate all proposals for responsiveness to the Request for Proposals. The CITY shall also investigate qualifica­tions of all Proposers to whom the award is contemplated, and the CITY may request clarifications of proposals directly from one or more Proposers. It is anticipated that this review period will last up to approximately thirty days. In reviewing the proposals, the factors the CITY may consider include, but are not limited to, the following:
6.1.    The feasibility of the proposal based upon the performance and cost schedules, and the methodology to be used by the Proposer.
6.2.    Proposer’s understanding of the work to be completed based upon the clarity of the proposal and responsiveness to this Request For Proposals.
7.    AWARD OF AGREEMENT. Upon completion of the review period, the CITY shall notify those Proposers whose proposals will be considered for further evaluation and negotiation. All Proposers so notified may be required to make presentations and negotiate in good faith in accordance with direction from the CITY. Any delay caused by Proposer's failure to respond to direction from the CITY may lead to a rejection of the Proposal.
7.1.    If the CITY determines, after further evaluation and negotiation, to award the Agreement, a Lease Agreement shall be sent to the successful Proposer for the Proposer's signature. No proposal shall be binding upon the CITY until after the Agreement is signed by duly authorized representatives of both the Proposer and the CITY.
7.2.    The CITY reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, and to waive any irregularity. The award of the Agreement, if made by the CITY, will be based upon a total review and analysis of each proposal and projected costs.
      SCOPE OF SERVICES. The scope of services set forth in this Request For Proposals represents an outline of the services which the CITY anticipates the successful Proposer to perform, and is presented for the primary purpose of allowing the CITY to compare proposals. The precise scope of services to be incorporated into the Lease Agreement shall be negotiated between the CITY and the successful Proposer. The CITY requests that the Proposer suggest changes to the scope of services (as a part of the proposal) in order to achieve the CITY’s stated Project Objectives.
   Project Objectives. The CITY’s primary objective to seek a proposal from qualified businesses who have the expertise necessary to farm crops at the New Jerusalem Airport located at 505 East Durham Ferry Road, Tracy, CA.
   Project Restrictions. 
         Timing. Proposer must be able to start within 30 days of award of contract by City Council.
   Background Information. The CITY owns approximately 395 acres of land located at 505 East Durham Ferry Road, Tracy, CA known as the New Jerusalem Airport. Approximately 320 acres of this property is suitable for farming. The remaining 75 acres make up the runway portion of the New Jerusalem Airport and are not included as part of this lease. The CITY has previously leased the property for farming operations on a short term basis. Proposals are being sought for either short term or long term farming of the property. There is a water well on the southern corner of the property. The property layout is shown in Exhibit A.
   Usage Requirements.
·         CITY is requesting a reconfiguration of access roads on the property as shown in Exhibit B.
·         The condition of the water well on the property is assumed to be poor and/or unusable. The lessee has the responsibility to investigate the usability of the well, and if desired, will assume full responsibility to repair and maintain the well.
·         They type of crop and areas where it can be planted must be approved by City staff. Any crop planted may not enter into the primary surface area as defined by 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 77. Please refer to Exhibit C for restricted areas.
·         Lessee shall prepare the property, plant crops, furnish and apply fertilizer and insecticides, cultivate and irrigate the crops, and harvest and deliver crops, in the proper season and in accordance with acceptable methods of farming, all at Lessee’s own expense. Lessee shall, within the limitations set forth, determine the crops that shall be planted upon each field of the property at all times during the term of the lease.
·         Lessee’s use of the property shall comply with all Federal, State and local rules, regulations, laws, ordinances, and directives of competent authority applicable to the use of the City’s property.
·         Lessee shall be responsible for safely securing all property and farming equipment and for safely storing all chemicals and other hazardous materials in accordance with State and local laws.
·         Upon termination of the lease, Lessee will agree to disk the property leased.
·         The City reserves for its own use and benefit all the runways located on the premises, together with as much ground surrounding and surrounded by the runways as may be required by the Federal Aviation Administration or any other governmental authority, and the right to ingress or egress between said runways and the County road for the public use of the runways for all lawful purposes. Equipment shall not be used on the runways or taxiways except to access the island, which will be allowed at the Southeast end.
·         It is understood that crop dusters may request a use permit to conduct flight operations for agricultural spraying from the New Jerusalem Airport. If such a request is made, the City may issue such permit at its sole discretion.
·         It is understood that, by separate agreement, the Tracy Skyliners, a model airplane club, has permission to use the North 1,000 feet of the abandoned runway at the New Jerusalem Airport property for the term of this agreement.
·         Lessee shall agree to not install any fixtures or make any alterations, additions, erecting of structures or improvements to the property without prior written approval of the City. All fixtures installed or additions and improvements made to the property shall become City’s property and shall remain on the property at the termination of the lease, without compensation or payment to Lessee.
·         Lessee shall not voluntarily or involuntarily assign or sublease the lease without first obtaining the City’s written consent.
·         Lessee shall pay, when due, any real property taxes levied against the leased property as a result of any possessory interest taxes which may be imposed on Lessee’s interest in the leased property.
Required insurance includes $2 million in liability, $1 million auto, and workers compensation insurance for employees.
 These limits are subject to change in the final agreement as determined by the City’s Risk Manager.
·         The Lessee shall accept the property in its present condition without any liability or obligation on the part of the City to make any alterations, improvements or repairs of any kind which would constitute a change to the present condition of the property.
·         The Lessee shall maintain the property in a manner consistent with good farming practices. The Lessee shall be liable for any and all damage to the property caused by the Lessee, its employees, agents or invitees. All trash and illegally dumped materials shall be removed and properly disposed of by the Lessee at Lessee’s expense.
·         Lessee shall not permit irrigation or drain water to seep or flow onto the adjacent roadways or other properties.
·         In the event it is necessary to change the use of all or a portion of the property from agricultural production to another use, the City will provide as much advance notice to the Lessee as possible so that cropping and production can be adjusted.
* Property Boundary is actually the location of the fence around the property. Actual property boundary extends slightly to the North and West of the yellow line.
* Property Boundary is actually the location of the fence around the property. Actual property boundary extends slightly to the North and West of the yellow line.
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