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City Departments

Recycling and Solid Waste

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The City of Tracy encourages its residents to reduce, reuse and recycle. The 3-R ideology, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R's), is the national standard for waste diversion campaigns.

What's the importance of a waste diversion campaign? Besides improving the quality of our environment, it's the law. Pursuant to the Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989, found in California Public Resources Code sections 40000 et seq. (the Act), California cities like Tracy must redirect at least 50% of municipal waste.

The 3R ideology is a great way to supplement our diversion efforts. How does the ideology work? First, reduce. Reducing or source reduction means purchasing durable, long-lasting goods and seeking products and packaging that can be used again and again. Buying products in bulk, with less packaging, or that are reusable usually means a cost savings. Therefore, both you and the environment benefit.

Second, reuse. Reusing is the act of repairing or donating your used items. This method is better than recycling because it eliminates the need for reprocessing. There are several ways residents can reuse. Using coffee mugs rather than disposable cups, refilling bottles, reusing boxes, turning empty jars into containers, and purchasing refillable pencils or pens are some suggestions. Another effective way to reuse is donating. Donating items like used clothes; magazines or household items that will benefit someone in need.

The last of the 3R's ideology is one that most people are most familiar with recycle. Recycling turns materials that would become waste into valuable resources. Materials like glass, metal, plastics, and paper are collected, separated and sent to facilities that can process them into new products. For example, a glass bottle can be recycled into marbles or a surfboard. A plastic sport drink bottle can become part of a ski jacket or, better yet, a park bench. The possibilities are endless!

Help the City of Tracy conserve resources for our children's future. Before cleaning up your home and garden, remember—Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

The facility receives and processes the solid waste, recyclables, green wastes and wood generated by the City of Tracy, the community of Mountain House and the surrounding portions San Joaquin County. During the hours of operation, the Material Recovery Facility is available for residents and businesses of Tracy to drop off extra waste and recyclables for a fee.

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