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City of Tracy Police Chief Community Feedback Summary

Results as of 07/03/19
 Police Chief Community Feedback Summary
Community Meetings (June 14th & 15th, 2019) &
Electronic Survey Responses
*The following information is summary of data collected based on the responses to open-ended questions on the City of Tracy’s Police Chief Recruitment Process survey. These responses are ranked in order based upon the number of responses received, with the highest number listed first.
What leadership qualities and characteristics are most important for the City of Tracy to look for in selecting a new Police Chief (e.g. Leadership, Honesty, Integrity, Experience, Vision, Respect, etc.)?
Integrity; Honesty
Leadership; Leads by example; Builds morale; Inspiring
Would like Chief Esquivel to be reinstated
Experienced; Credible reputation as law enforcement professional
Respectful; Respected by his/her people; Serve as a role model
Visionary; Think “outside the triangle”; Fresh perspective
Community driven; Community centric; Build a bridge with the community
Appreciates diversity; Bilingual/Bicultural
Committed to equitable enforcement of laws
Leads initiative to connect officers to community
Accessible; Approachable
Transparent; Good negotiator; Explains reasons for decisions
Responsible; Accountability
Compassionate; Sensitivity trained
Stability; Not here for retirement/stepping stone
Active listener; Open-minded
Politically astute
Problem solver; Intuitive
Strong communication skills
Familiarity with Tracy; Tracy Resident
Present/Visible; Engage with employees and community
Represents all interests/viewpoints
Responsive to all elements of the community
Experience serving in a growing community
Advocates for community partnerships
Personable; Strong interpersonal skills; Works well with others
Trained in unconscious bias
Thick skin; Not afraid to voice opinion
Ability to understand where people are coming from; Inclusive; Relatable
Internal talent; Current Interim Chief
Tech savvy
Knowledge of local, state and federal laws
Participates in CPAB – Monthly walks w/ community
Experienced in dealing with homelessness
Understands challenges of discrimination
Understands mental health and special needs
California experience preferred
Experience with smaller police departments
Experience with Animal Services
Available on weekends
Strong; Reliable
What top 3 priorities would you like the new Police Chief to address during their first year on the job? (e.g. Crime Reduction, Effective Communication, Community Engagement, Homelessness, Morale, Patrol, Staffing, Gun/Drug Enforcement, etc.)?
Crime and theft reduction/enforcement
Community engagement
Increase patrol/staff in the community
Drugs/addiction problems; Opiate challenges; Mental health issues
Traffic enforcement
Clear/consistent communication
Increase morale
Increase youth/school outreach and interaction
Safety of school children
Committed to equitable enforcement of laws
Bring people and services together
Friendliness of Officers
Officer accountability
Does not follow political whims
Create transparency
Illegal fireworks
Plan for department improvement
Instill sense of safety
Animal Services
Downtown improvement
Informative public meetings
Enhance quality of life
Mailbox break-ins
Public health and safety
Increase surveillance; Traffic cameras in residential areas
Protect 2nd Amendment rights; Issue more CCW's
Parking problems
Deal with contentions, issues and situations
Understands shifting demographics of the community
More diversity in the department staff
Provide de-escalation training
Address littering
Improve code enforcement
Speed up hiring process
Training policies
Reduce response times to calls
Succession planning opportunities for current employees
What would you like potential candidates to know about our community that may not be apparent when researching or visiting the city?
Growing city challenges; Traffic, crime, lack of resources
Proud community; Celebrates diversity; Rich in culture
Thoughtful and giving community
Close-knit community that is united in issues that matter
We are going through some difficult times; Embarrassed by Grand Jury Report
Many residents commute; Reputation as a bedroom community
Feels like a small city, but we’re growing
Family-oriented community
Community will back new Chief; Rooting for this person to succeed
Old Tracy vs. New Tracy; Building on our traditions
Very politically motivated community
Limited activities for youth community
Tracy is a clean and safe city
The heart of Tracy is agricultural
Active home school community
Prop 47/57 is impacting our community
Imbalance in salary with increasing housing prices
Tracy is no longer a "small town"
Active LGBT community
Affordable housing challenges
Involved with our military members
Varied perceptions with diverse populations
Low crime rate
Additional feedback for the City Manager to consider regarding an ideal Police Chief candidate for the City of Tracy.
Chief Esquivel was the ideal Police Chief and his reinstatement is desirable
Cares about the city, not politically motivated
Address drug dealing/manufacturing; Growing homelessness and theft
Committed to equitable enforcement of laws
Someone visible & open to interaction with citizens
Tracy resident; Invested in the community
Strong law enforcement experience
Instability with current City Council
Hold employees/Officers accountable
Desire external Police Chief candidate
Believes in improving the city
Concerned that Council will deter good candidates
Need someone with a strong track record
Let the Chief do their job
Consider history/background; Look for past unethical, unlawful incidents
Experience in working in communities similar to Tracy
Hire from within the department
Build trust in community
Current staffing levels & department morale are not ideal
Need someone with sound ideas and effective solutions
Citizens should vote to select City officials
Need someone with experience in a bigger city
Plan activities that engage the community
Ethics is needed in Tracy leadership
Don’t let homelessness situation be a deterrent
Increase police staff involvement with schools
Additional supervision in and around parks
Police Chief needs to have passion and care for the Animal Shelter
Improve transparency
Be patient; Willing to wait for the right candidate
Consider hiring a woman if she is qualified
Publicize the reason the previous Police Chief was let go
Allow police personnel to engage in selection process
Focus on improving code enforcement and the conditions of our City
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