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City Departments


Department apparatus resources include engines, trucks, water tenders, and other specialized equipment for rescue, haz-mat and support functions. Apparatus are categorized or "typed" (i.e. Type 1, Type 3) by capability to assist with resource ordering. Resource typing definitions provide emergency managers with the information they need to request and receive the specific resources they need during an emergency or disaster. Resource typing also helps to promote common terminology of apparatus descriptions and equipment complements across agencies.

Engines, Type 1

Type 1 fire engines are used primarily for structural firefighting. They are equipped with large diameter supply hose, have very high capacity pumps, and are designed to operate on paved surfaces. The Department staffs seven front line Type 1 engines each day.

Engines, Type 3

Type 3 fire engines are designed to fight fires in areas unreachable with Type 1 engines. Type 3 engines are equipped with four wheel drive, rugged suspension and high wheel clearance for steep, off-road conditions. The Department fleet currently does not include any Type 3 engines. Through the California Master Mutual Aid Agreement Type 3 resources are provided by CalFire (SCU).

Ladder Trucks

Ladder trucks are highly specialized apparatus. This apparatus is designed and equipped to provide a continuous egress route from an elevated position to the ground, equipped to support fire fighting and rescue operations and capable of discharging water from an elevated position. Tracy Fire’s ladder truck is equipped with a 105-foot aerial ladder and features All-Wheel Steering.

Water Tenders

Designed for rural and wildland areas where fire hydrants are uncommon, water tenders are capable of bringing water to fire engines engaged in firefighting operations. Water tenders also carry portable tanks that can store water in the field allowing the tenders to leave and refill. The Department cross-staffs one Type 1 water tenders (Water Tender 92).

Specialty Vehicles

Urban Search and Rescue Unit (Rescue 9)

The Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Unit is a "tool box on wheels" equipped with heavy lifting, core drilling, search, shoring and other specialized equipment to support the Department’s Rescue Team. Urban Search and Rescue involves the location, rescue, and initial stabilization of victims trapped in confined spaces. The unit also carries equipment to support rope rescue, trench rescue, entanglement emergencies, heavy equipment accidents and flood/swift water rescue.

Hazmat Unit (HM9)

The Hazmat Unit is a specialized vehicle equipped to handle hazardous material incidents such as chemical releases. The primary function of the unit is to reduce the impacts of a hazardous materials incident on life, the environment, and property. The unit carries technical reference material in both hard copy form and electronically which allows fire personnel access to advanced resources and communications. The vehicle carries several types of protective clothing including fully-encapsulating suits. The unit also contains tools and equipment to contain, control and mitigate releases of hazardous materials.

Unit Specifications

Engine 91 Specifications

2015 Spartan Hi-Tech 1500 gmp Type 1 Pumper, 750 gallon tank.


Truck 91 Specifications

1999 Pierce Dash Quint , 105’ aerial, Waterous 2000 GPM two-stage with electric transfer valve, 500 gallon poly booster tank. Wheelbase: 240.50”, GVWR: 69,500 lbs, Front axle: 21,500 lbs, Rear axle: 48,000 lbs tandem (All Wheel Steer),

Truck 91

Engine 92 Specifications

2015 Spartan Hi-Tech 1500 gmp Type 1 Pumper, 750 gallon tank.

Engine 92

Engine 93 Specifications

2008 Pierce Contender Type 1 Engine, Waterous 1250 GPM Single Stage Pump, 750 Gallon Water Tank.

Engine 93

Engine 94 Specifications

2003 Pierce 1500 gpm Type 1 Pumper, 750 gallon tank.

Engine 98

Engine 96 Specifications

2009 Hi-Tech Spartan Gladiator Waterous 1500 GPM Single Stage, 750 gallon poly tank.

Engine 96

Engine 97 Specifications

2015 Spartan Hi-Tech 1500 gmp Type 1 Pumper, 750 gallon tank.

Engine 97

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