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Family Disaster Prepardness

Local and Federal government emergency services generally concede that they CANNOT fully respond to a major catastrophe in our area in less than 72 hours. The Family Disaster Preparedness Guide has been prepared to help you and your neighbors to SURVIVE until government assistance becomes available.

Download the Family Disaster Preparedness Guide

This document is designed to lead you through quick, easy, individual steps to SURVIVE 72 hours. The WHY has been avoided where generally obvious, while presenting the most current information to support the WHAT and HOW.

In Tracy, there is an average of 24 fire suppression personnel, 15 police officers, and 3 ambulances to respond to the needs of about 100,000 people. It is easy to see that these resources will be easily over extended in the event of a major emergency.

First, read the document through, and then read it a second time; you'll be surprised what you missed. Second, decide what your family needs to SURVIVE, recognizing that advance preparation greatly improves your family's chances of survival. Using this document without any advance preparation only marginally improves your family's chances of survival in a major catastrophe.

Finally, proceed through the preparation process by overcoming the rationalization that nothing will happen or, if it does, it will "not be that bad." Fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, riots, etc., are reported daily in the news. IT CAN BE THAT BAD! Be diligent in your preparations for an event we hope will never occur. Work with your neighbors to help them prepare too.

To begin using this document following an emergency, turn to page four (4) and begin with the Day 0 Checklist. The checklist is a table of contents directing you to the appropriate subject.

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