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Planning Commission

Established By

State of California Statutes; Tracy Municipal Code, Chapter 10.04

Membership, Qualifications and Residency Requirements

The City of Tracy Planning Commission shall consist of five members appointed by the City Council. The members shall be residents, not officials or employees of the City.


Four-year terms, at the pleasure of the City Council.


$50 per meeting, not to exceed $150 per month, actual and necessary expenses for out-of-town meetings and conferences.


Prepare and recommend adoption, amendment or repeal of the City's General Plan; make recommendations to the proper City officials regarding maps or plats of land subdivision in accordance with State Subdivision Map Act and City Code; hold hearings on planning and zoning matters per State and City laws; advise and recommend regarding acquisition, use, or disposition of City-owned property.

Meeting Date and Location

Second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm, Council Chambers, 333 Civic Center Drive. During the months of November and December the Planning Commission meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of the month due to the holidays.


Development Services Director

The City Clerk's office has opened a recruitment to fill one upcoming term expiration on the Planning Commission.  The recruitment will close on Thursday, February 27, 2020, at 6:00 p.m.   For more information please click on the following link:   https://www.cityoftracy.org/?navid=10721
Commission MembersAppointment DateTerm Expiration
Atwal, GurtejOctober 2, 2019March 31, 2024
Wood, ChadMarch 20, 2018March 31, 2022
Francis, MauriceOctober 2, 2019March 31, 2022
Hudson, AlbertMarch 15, 2016March 31, 2020
Orcutt, JosephFebruary 19, 2013March 31, 2022


Planning Commission Meeting Documents

Planning Commission documents are provided below as as Adobe® Acrobat® files(.pdf) . You may download Adobe Reader from Adobe's Web site free of charge. Note: some of these documents may be large, so please be patient while they load in your browser.

2020 Planning Commission Meeting Documents


03-25-20207:00 p.m.RegularNotice of Cancellation
03-11-20207:00 p.m.RegularAgendaAttachment B
02-26-20207:00 p.m.RegularAgenda


Agenda Item 1.A
Attachment A

Agenda Item 1.C
Attachment C

Tracy Hills KT SPA

Tracy Hills KT
Tentative Map Review

Tracy Hills KT
Tentative Map Review Appendix

02-12-20207:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutes
01-22-20207:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutes
01-08-20207:00 p.m.RegularNotice of Cancellation   

2019 Planning Commission Meeting Documents


12-18-20197:00 p.m.RegularNotice of Cancellation
12-04-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutes

Agenda Item 1.A
Attachment B

11-20-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutes
11-06-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutes

Agenda Item 1.B
Attachment B

10-23-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutesAgenda Item 1.D
10-09-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgenda


Agenda Item 1.A
Attachment B 
Attachment C

Agenda Item 1.B
Attachment B 

Agenda Item 1.C
Attachment B

09-25-20197:00 p.m.RegularNotice of Cancellation
09-25-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgendaAgenda Item 1.A
Attachment B

Agenda Item 1.B
Attachment B

Agenda Item 1.C
Attachment B
Attachment C
09-11-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutes
08-28-20197:00 p.m.RegularNotice of Cancellation
08-14-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutesEntitlement Package
07-24-20197:00 p.m.RegularNotice of Cancellation
07-10-20197:00 p.m.RegularNotice of Cancellation
06-26-20197:00 p.m.RegularNotice of Cancellation
06-12-20197:00 p.m.RegularNotice of Cancellation
05-22-20197:00 p.m.RegularNotice of Cancellation
05-08-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutes
04-24-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutesAgenda Item 1.E
Attachment B
04-10-20197:00 p.m.RegularNotice of Cancellation
03-27-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutes

Agenda item 1.B
Attachment B
Attachment C

03-13-20197:00 p.m.RegularNotice of CancellationN/A
02-27-20197:00 p.m.RegularNotice of CancellationN/A
02-13-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutes
01-23-20197:00 p.m.RegularAgenda


01-09-20197:00 p.m.RegularNotice of CancellationN/A

2018 Planning Commission Meeting Documents

12-19-20187:00 p.m.RegularNotice of CancellationN/A
12-05-20187:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutesOVERSIZED PLANS:
Agenda Item 1.B
Agenda Item 1.C
Agenda Item 1.D
11-21-20187:00 p.m.RegularNotice of CancellationN/A
11-07-20187:00 p.m.RegularNotice of CancellationN/A
10-24-20187:00 p.m.RegularNotice of CancellationN/A
10-10-20187:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutes



Staff Report (Revised)
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

Staff Report
Attachment A
Attachment B
Attachment C
Attachment D
Attachment E
Attachment F
Attachment G
Attachment H
Attachment I

09-26-20187:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutes

Draft Minutes
Staff Report
Attachment A
Attachment B
Attachment C
Attachment D
Attachment E
Attachment F

09-12-20187:00 p.m.RegularNotice of CancellationN/A
08-22-20187:00 p.m.RegularAgendaMinutes
08-08-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A
07-25-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
07-11-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A
06-27-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A
06-13-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
05-23-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A
05-09-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-25-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-11-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-28-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-14-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgenda


02-28-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
02-14-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAmended AgendaMinutes
01-24-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A
01-10-20187:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A

2017 Planning Commission Meetings Documents

12-20-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A

12-06-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
11-15-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A
11-01-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
10-25-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
10-11-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A
09-27-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
09-13-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
08-23-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A
08-09-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
07-26-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A
07-12-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
06-28-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
06-14-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A
05-24-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutesHandout
05-10-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-26-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-12-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-22-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-08-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
02-22-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A
02-08-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
01-25-20177:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
01-11-20177:00 P.m.Regular MeetingNotice of CancellationN/A

2016 Planning Commission Meeting Documents

12-21-20167:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
12-07-20167:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
11-16-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
11-02-20167:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
10-26-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
10-12-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
09-28-20167:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
09-14-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
08-24-20167:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
08-10-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
07-27-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
07-13-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
06-22-20167:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
06-08-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
05-25-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
05-11-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-27-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-13-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-23-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-09-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-02-20165:00 p.m.Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
02-24-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
02-10-20167:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
01-27-20167:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
01-13-20167:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes

2015 Planning Commission Meeting Documents

12-16-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
12-02-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
11-18-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
11-04-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
10-28-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
10-14-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
09-23-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
09-09-20157:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
08-26-20157:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
08-12-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
07-22-20157:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
07-08-20157:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
06-24-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
06-10-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
05-27-20157:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
05-13-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-22-20157:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
04-08-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-25-20157:15 p.m.Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-25-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-11-20156:30 p.m.Special Meeting NoticeAgendaMinutes
03-11-20157:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
02-25-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
02-11-20157:00 p.m.Notice of CancellationAgendaN/A
01-28-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
01-14-20157:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes

2014 Planning Commission Meeting Documents

12-17-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
12-03-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
11-19-20147:00 p.m.Regular MinutesAgendaMinutes
11-05-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation NoticeN/A
10-22-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
10-08-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation NoticeN/A
09-24-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
09-10-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation NoticeN/A
08-27-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
08-13-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
07-23-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
07-09-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation NoticeN/A
06-25-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation NoticeN/A
06-11-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation NoticeN/A
05-28-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation Notice N/A
05-14-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-23-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-09-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-26-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-12-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation NoticeN/A
02-26-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
02-12-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
01-22-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation NoticeN/A
01-08-20147:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes

2013 Planning Commission Meeting Documents

12-18-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation Notice
12-04-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgenda
11-20-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation Notice
11-06-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
10-23-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
10-09-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation Notice
9-25-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
9-11-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
8-28-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation Notice
8-14-137:15 p.m.Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
8-14-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
7-30-136:00 p.m.Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
7-24-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
7-10-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation Notice  
6-26-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
6-12-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
5-22-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
5-8-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation Notice
4-24-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
4-10-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
3-27-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
3-13-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation Notice
2-27-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
2-13-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation Notice
1-23-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
1-9-137:00 p.m.Regular MeetingCancellation Notice

2012 Planning Commission Meeting Documents

Date                    time         type                                               agendas                                      minutes                   
12-19-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission Meeting

Agenda / Staff Report / Resolutions 
Attachment A (part 1) 
Attachment A (part 2)  
Attachment A (part 3)  
Attachment A (part 4) 
Attachment A (part 5) 
Attachment A (part 6) 
Attachment A (part 7) 
Attachment A (part 8) 
Attachment B 
Attachment C  
Attachment D  

12-05-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
11-21-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
11-14-127:00 p.m.Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
11-07-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
10-24-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
10-10-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMInutes
09-26-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
09-12-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
08-22-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
08-08-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
07-25-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
07-11-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
06-27-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
06-13-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
05-23-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
05-09-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-25-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-11-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-28-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
03-14-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMInutes
02-22-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
02-08-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
01-25-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
01-11-127:00 p.m.Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes

2011 Planning Commission Meeting Documents

12-21-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
12-07-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
11-16-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
11-02-117:00Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
10-12-117:00Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
09-28-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
09-14-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
08-24-117:00Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
08-10-117:00Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
07-27-117:00Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
07-13-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
06-22-118:00Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
06-22-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
06-08-117:00Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
05-25-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
05-11-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-27-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-13-117:00Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
03-23-117:00Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
03-09-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
02-23-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
02-09-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes
01-26-117:00Planning Commission MeetingCancellation Notice
01-12-117:00Planning Commission MeetingAgendaMinutes


2010 Planning Commission Meeting Documents

DAte Time Type Agendas Minutes
12-15-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Minutes
12-01-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation Notice
11-17-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation Notice
11-03-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation Notice
10-27-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Minutes
10-13-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Minutes
09-22-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation Notice
09-08-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation Notice
08-25-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Minutes
08-11-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Minutes
07-28-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation Notice
07-14-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Minutes
06-23-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Minutes
06-09-10 7:00 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Minutes


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