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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to license my dog(s) and where can I go to obtain one?

The Tracy Municipal Code, 5.08.130(a), requires all dogs living within the City of Tracy to have a current dog license. In order to license your dog you may obtain one by either printing out the City of Tracy Dog License application and mailing it in with supporting documents and payment, or by visiting the shelter with the current Rabies Certificate and Spay/Neuter Certificate (if applicable).

Where can I rent a humane cat trap?

City of Tracy residents are able to rent a cat trap from the Tracy Animal Shelter at 2375 Paradise Avenue. Cat trap rentals require a valid I.D. and a refundable deposit of $60. This deposit is submitted for a refund once the cat trap is returned.

There is a dog in my neighborhood that barks all of the time; what can be done?

You must have the exact address when calling to make a report. Once staff can look up the address and determines where in the process we are, we will move in the appropriate direction for response. For 1st time complaints, a letter is mailed to the address provided. After that we ask the complaining party wait approximately two (2) weeks before calling in another complaint for the same address. After the two (2) week time frame, we ask that you call while the barking is occurring. An Animal Services Officer must witness the violation in order to issue a citation.

I have a pet that I am no longer able to care for; can I bring it to the Tracy Animal Shelter?

The Tracy Animal Shelter does take in Owner Surrenders from Tracy residents. Once staff has confirmed that the animal resides within the City limits, an appointment will be scheduled. If you are interested in getting more information and/or scheduling an appointment, please call the shelter directly at (209) 831-6364. Please understand, there is a surrender fee and a detailed questionnaire that is required when bringing in an animal for surrender.

There is a live opossum/raccoon/skunk in my yard; can an Animal Services Officer come remove it?

While they may be a nuisance on occasion, opossums/raccoons/skunks and other similar animals are considered wildlife and we are required to coexist with them. They provide many benefits to your property and are generally more afraid of us, than we are of them. They don’t stay in one place and tend to move along to other locations. City of Tracy Animal Services Officers do not go out to remove wildlife unless they are sick or injured. If you are having issues with healthy wildlife, we recommend contacting a wildlife trapper, or consulting with your local pest control agency.

There is a snake in my yard; can an Animal Services Officer come out to handle it?

Similar to other wildlife, Animal Service Officer’s don’t respond to stray snake calls. If the snake has found itself inside your residence, an Animal Services Officer will be dispatched to help relocate it. Snakes are in continuous motion, they will not stay in one place for very long. It is best to let them be and they will not be an issue. If you do come across a Rattle Snake in a high traffic area, please contact the Non-Emergency Tracy Police Dispatch line at 209-831-6550.

There is an injured bird; will an Animal Services Officer come pick it up?

Baby birds learn to fly from the ground up. If the bird appears to have its pin feathers, please give it space and time to take flight. Its mother will still be in the area watching over it.

If a bird appears to have a dropped wing, we ask that you contain the bird with a cardboard box. Birds, even though injured, are still very mobile. To ensure that the bird is still at the location given, we do require that you call once the bird is secured in a box.

I am interested in volunteering at the animal shelter; what is required and how do I become a volunteer?

At this time all of our volunteers are required to be at least 18 years old and available to provide a minimum of 12 hours towards volunteering per month. If you are able to met our minimum requirements, please submit a City of Tracy Animal Services Volunteer Application.

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